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Appliance update: texisScripts 19.0.1, applianceman 19.0.0

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1 kai   2017-08-07 11:36

Two updates are available for the appliance: texisScripts 19.0.1 and applianceman 19.0.0. applianceman 19.0.0 is a documentation update. texisScripts 19.0.1 contains the following new features:

* The Search Appliance dashboard has been enhanced with several new statistics to help monitor activity, including the search rate, fetch rate, and document growth rate so you can identify problems that may arise in the future.

* The Parametric Search Appliance gains new capabilities to extract information from document text. Now even documents with no metadata can contribute terms to faceted navigation, via entity recognition. For example, a list of terms, e.g. cities or manufacturers, can be defined for extraction and then searched or grouped by. Or a regular expression can be crafted to match a specific pattern of data -- e.g. a defined syntax for part or social security numbers. And the XML syntax for such entities is largely compatible with GSA syntax, making upgrading a snap.

In addition, texisScripts 19.0.1 contains these fixes:

* Added the ability to unmount Network Shares without removing them

* Total result count was not corrected on last page of post-processed results of relevance-ranked query when Ranked Rows was 0 (unlimited)

* Added warning for larger than 1 year clock difference between browser and server causing admin logins to fail

* Data From Field rules now override content specified in Google metadata-and-url feeds

* A REX: Unneeded escape sequence message may have been generated at search if Ignore Characters contains bytes that do not need escapement in a REX expression, e.g. hi-bit characters, many ASCII characters etc.; some characters may also have been incorrectly ignored (e.g. giving n would have ignored newline)

* Ignore Characters, Index Name (for directory-alias URL filenames), Keep/Ignore Tags, Exclude Extensions, Extra Domains, Allow Extensions, Required Prefix, Exclusion Prefix, or Exclusions values that contain >> or * might not have worked correctly

* Result count and pagination now provided for some queries with an order by that includes rank, when both may have been missing before

* Try not to show pagination links beyond end of returned (as opposed to matched) results. Also improve reported document match count in some instances (e.g. post-process search sorted by date)

* Fixed Search Settings page inadvertently triggering XSS Protections in Chrome and Edge

These updates are available via the System -> System Setup -> Upgrade Software menu option. Terms and Conditions | Texis & Texis Webscript Copyright © 2000 Thunderstone

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